Level self cleaning rake

With material of manufacture entire from stainless steel AISI 304L

It finds application in various installations of waste water screening as:
• Slaughterhouses
• Installations of treatment of communal sewages
• Industries of treatment of meat and fishes
• Rendering plants
• Industries of transformation of foods
• Other industries

Operating principle
the purification of the pattern of solid containment is through 2 rotating scrapers with scallop (tooth device).
The scallops are rooted in stainless steel chain and swivel rotary device entering the stripes moving the screenings at the upper point of rejection, selective screenings collection bin or conveyor / screw, or screw compressor.
There is a security system which intervenes in case of greater moment than the requested (filling scallop).

The equipment of the screen is also included:
• the electrical panel with all necessary electrical equipment and automation of operation of the grid by measuring the level of inflow
• Special input level meter suitable for wastewater without clogging problems for the smooth operation of the screen

Alternative solutions and adaptation in desirable width (b) and depth of channel (h), as well as the gap of screen (from 6mm until 60mm).

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