Sewage screen

With material entirely from stainless steel AISI 304L.
It finds application in the sewage screenings lag emptying tanks to equalization tank

Operating principle
  The grate is made of arched bars of trapezoidal cross section, tapered in the direction of flow, positioned so that the free space between them is under option from 8 to 16 mm.
The arm is only mechanical cleaning and full-rotation type 3600 degrees. The cleaning rake is removable and their support is with stainless steel screws.
The arm has a protection system against overload and can pass objects which can be stuck between the bars. The teeth of the comb cleaning correspond exactly with the openings of the grid bars.
At the closure of the facility cleaning, cleaning the comb will be in contact with water,  that may ensure a specific automation.
These screenings led to a screw inside the box, which led to the compression section where it then automatically discarded bucket screenings.
All moving parts of the facility and all lubrication points are accessible and above the level of sewage.

The equipment of the screen are also included:
• The electrical panel with all necessary electrical equipment and automation of operation of the grid by measuring the level of inflow
• Special inflow level meter suitable for wastewater without clogging problems for the smooth operation of the screen

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