Compact unit waste water treatment in one plant

Complete mechanical preliminary treatment of wastewater  and faecal sludge, with material of manufacture by stainless steel AISI 304L in one unit comprising:

• Fine screening of wastewater
• Screenings dewatering
• Grit separation
• Grit dewatering
• Grit washing (option)
• Grease separation
• Automatic grease removal

description of operation
The unit functions completely automatically with the possibility of regulation of parameters in the PLC. With suitable meter of level in the entry of grill commences the operation fine screening and with automatism of chronicles functions the remainder mechanisms
The sewages pass initially from the grill where are separated the solid bigger 2 for communal sewages or 6mm in faecal sludge. The solids with the help of turned scallops are transported in compressor solid where they are dehydrated in percentage up to 35% of TS and afterwards they are rejected in bucket of solids collection. The drainage  from the compaction are led to the tank of grit and grease separation.
Afterwards the wastewater or faecal sludge they pass with free flow in the oblong tank of grit and grease separation. Where with the help of airing are separated the sand, light and not soluble components, the greases and oils.
With the help of bisector wall the floating crust that is from greases/oils and floating materially with the help turned surface of paddle they are rejected in incorporated in the tank container and with the help of pump they are transported in the entry of compressor of solids where they are mixed and removed with the compressed solids.
The sand that is separated in the seabed of reservoir is transported with the help of horizontal snail in the basin of catering of what inclining snail with his line him it transports also him it rejects in bucket or container collection of sand.
The wastewater or faecal sludge they come out from the unit exempted from firmly >6mm, sand at 90% roughly with size Ö>0,2mm (according to specifications ATV), from greases/oils, light materials and they can process further in unit of biological cleaning.
By faecal sludge wastewater between the tanker and the unit it could also selectively be placed a trap of Stone for withholding of bulky stones for the protection of grill.
The unit could be also placed inside the soil in suitable basin from concrete.

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