Compact wastewater treatment plants

With material of stainless steel AISI 304L

Small communities
Groups holiday homes

Principle of operation
The degradation of the organic load is a completely natural methods parallel to those of natural degradation to development of populations of microorganisms on a rotating semi-sinking-immersed biological contactors.
Microorganisms grow on the surfaces of the discs, supplied with oxygen during the phase of non-immersed rotation and degrade the organic load in phase immersed rotation. The density and biomass balance is achieved by using suitable static mixers between the discs.

Basic Benefits
- Flexibility of operations to fluctuations in flow
- High efficiency
- Small installation space requirements
- Very little, virtually no noise or odors
- Minimal power requirements
- Achieved a high degree of nitrification
- High degree of reliability
- High degree of automation
- It is not necessary recirculation sludge because at ventilation space only the excess sludge overflow
- Easy adaptation to the sensory environment

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