Sand filters

Closed or open type (pressure or free flow)

With material selectively
- Stainless steel AISI 304 or
- from St-37 with double epoxy paint

Dimensioned and manufactured in all sizes to corresponding flow demand

It finds application in wastewater treatment plants and water as:
- final stage of wastewater treatment (tertiary treatment or filtration and industrial water use)
- filtration (in drinking water treatment plants, remove iron and manganese)

In several cases, water wells for the water settlements contain higher amounts of iron from the allowed values identified in drinking water.
The iron is dissolved in water and form the first contact with the air settles in the form of pellet (hydroxyl iron).

Our company supplies complete prefabricated treatment plants for drinking water and remove iron and manganese (turn of key) suitable for drinking water treatment of small settlements in the municipalities.


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