Stainless steel gates, complete sealing of all types including:
• a surface channel
• underwater telescopic
• overflow / buffer-overflow regulated
• manually or with an electric device (type auma)

Give alternatives solutions and adjustments to the desired dimensions of the channels / holes and deep placement

Manually or automatically operated with Auma gear
The frame of gate is manufactured from steel stainless sheet-metal AISI 304 with suitable neuroses. The frame is also from stainless steel and it is placed in the waitings of concrete for absolute leak-tightness. The all materials (screws and nuts, etc.) are also from stainless steel.
The surface of gate is level and is led on drivers of slipping. The lateral seals (films) are from suitable durable tyre incorporated on the three sides of frame ensure the biggest and absolute leak-tightness.
For the movement of gate are used proportionally the dimensions one or two axes with screw that enter in waterproof frames placed in the door.
The screw is placed above the door of the gate except liquid, in order that it is exempted from impurities and firmly.
The wheel of handling is found 90 cm above the level of work.

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