The company is a continuation of the old individual company GEORGE TSAMPOS had established in Efkarpia Thessaloniki, which since 1976 active in engineering and integrated assemblies in the following areas:

• Communal Waste Water Treatment
• Industrial waste
• Water treatment and environmental technology
• Stainless steel industrial construction

Our new company TSAMPOS has its headquarters in N.Santa Kilkis Prefecture and is situated in a private area of 14 acres with buildings 2.500 m2, with part of the study / design and machine composed of the most modern CNC-processing machinery.

The clean solution
The continuous increasing demand for new technologies and operating in the area of environment and industry, forced to find applications of high performance and quality. We respond to these demands and offer complete solutions.

Our specialized personnel accompanies you in all phases of project implementation including:

• study / design
• construction
• installation
• operation

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